The European Basic Arthroscopy Course

The Topic Arthroscopy is an area within orthopedics that just keeps growing and is getting more and more sophisticated.

The course aims to teach, standardize and maintain basic motor skills and cognition within European Orthopedic Residents and Surgeons

It requires lots of time and training to learn and improve on the arthroscopic skills. It is therefore important to teach and learn orthopedic trainees this arthroscopic technique in an early stage during their orthopedic residency training. This is easier said than done. In most cases the trainees learn the principles of this technique while present in the OR. It takes a long time to master this technique.

Why simulation training in arthroscopy?
As there is a high demand for productivity of the Orthopedic surgeons it can be hard to find the time to educate the new generation of Orthopedic Surgeons. Furthermore patient safety must be considered. Thus it is critical to consider alternative methods of raising the standard of education on arthroscopic skills.The most important skills necessary to perform arthroscopic surgery such as hand-eye coordination, triangulation and the ability to work in 3 dimensions while watching a 2-dimensional screen are skills that can be trained using a simulation exercise.This can lead to improved accuracy, reduced number of errors, reduced number of unnecessary movements and reduced operation time.

As you know simulation is used in a lot of other areas, in games, in the military, aviation, etc. It is strange that we are not using this possibility more in our specific arthroscopic field and especially in training of the specific skills which are required to perform a successful arthroscopy. 

Education of doctors becomes an increasing issue outside the hospital.

Currently there is a lack of courses specifically addressed to our junior doctors.

The EBAC organisers have organized a “Basic Arthroscopy Course” designed for European Orthopedic Residents held in Istanbul in November 2013. The curriculum is endorsed by the ESSKA and has the support of the different arthroscopy societies.

The course aims to teach, standardize and maintain basic motor skills and cognition within European Orthopedic Residents. The primary target audience of the EBAC are residents who desire to initiate and to improve their arthroscopic knowledge and skill.

After completing the Basic Arthroscopy course the participants will receive the Basic Arthroscopy Certificate.

The course will be organized annually at different places throughout in Europe in the future.